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Unfortunately "MULTIHOME" does not work properly (atleast for WINDOWS,). If you have a server with multiple IPs/Ethernet Interfaces, the internet traffic of players goes "randomly" through all IPs/Ethernet Interfaces available on the server. ONLY the query traffic goes through the IP that you have set for MULTIHOME.


On my test, i have this and the internet traffic of players goes randomly on all 3 IPS:

NIC1 = IP and

NIC2 = (different subnet with different gateway)


Server setting/query info:



Player side:



looking at the server logs, the server creates a p2p connection using the steam api/tool (not sure what is correct term) with the player. Would be VERY nice to add another parameter for this (to choose which ip this p2p connection will use for the player traffic) for two reasons. First reason is that it will give full control on what ip the player traffic should go (obviously) and second reason is that as all server information/stats goes through the query port, then it will make harder for someone to find the IP where the player traffic goes through to attack with ddos and stop the gameplay. Right now the player can easily see which IP he is "connected" with the server but i think valve/steam can add a "feature" to hide the IP of this p2p connection. Attacking the IP where shows all the stats will only stop your server of sending those kind of information, but wont disconnect the players as the player traffic it is going through from another IP/interface.


This is actually a really good idea for game producers to easily stop ddos attacks "from kids/retarded people" that barely can open prompt command and can easily "buy" ddos attacks for couple of cents (yes, you can ddos someone with 20Gbps/30 seconds for couple of cents, and 30 seconds is enough to get everyone disconnected from the server).








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