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Different squad types.

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So the idea is that when a squad leader makes a squad, he chooses one of a few type squad compositions. You can only have one per team of the specialized squads, and can have up to 3 normal mismatch squads (current style). The advantage for the specialized squads is that they can pick extras of a few different roles. 



  • Assault: Can have:
    • Standard SL kit.
    • 1-2 Medics
    • 2-4 Riflemen
    • 1-3 Grenadiers
    • 1 Light AT
    • 1-3 Automatic Riflemen


  • Fire Support:
    • Standard SL Kit.
    • 1 Medic
    • 1-2 Riflemen
    • 1 Marksmen
    • 1-3 Machine Gunner
    • 1-2 Light AT OR Heavy AT
    • 1-2 Combat Engineer OR Sapper


That's the basic idea. These squads would be more focused on specific things, and be unable to fully switch gears to deal with different scenarios, IE the assault squad wouldn't be able to deal very well with armor, but they end up being better at assaulting a point with all the smoke from the grenadiers. These are all still just barely thrown together scraps of ideas, and I have others as well but this covers my point. (Edit: also another point, it would mean less games would have people randomly take crewman vehicles and do nothing with them, since if squads had these they wouldn't be able to pick crewman at all)

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Already proposed numerous times. It would be restrictive and Squads would lose flexibility. The same thing could be achieved by simply lowering the amount of fire support roles per Squad to two. 

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I agree that fire support and specialist kits are way too available right now. Riflemen are the rarest class on the battlefield for most factions right now, even rarer than squad leaders, but I'd do it a little differently than you. Instead of using squad size, I think the system should be based on the number of riflemen in a squad:

Fire support kits require 1 rifleman each.

Specialist kits require 2 riflemen each.

Command kits do not require riflemen but also do not count as riflemen.


In this way, a squad could never have more specialists than generalists. I would, beyond that, like to see squad types introduced that modify the requirements (for eg. an anti-tank squad gets its first LAT kit for free and can have a HAT for 1 rifleman instead of 2).


I would also very much like to see crewman kits limited in this way such that vehicle crews would be required to operate as a part of regular squads rather than as an independent part of the battlefield.


Self quote from another thread.

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