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A Doctors Gripe

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First off, congratulations on an excellent game - so far! Thoroughly enjoyable, loving the realism and team work.
My gripe, however, is with the symbol for healing. Currently, you get the image of a rod with two entwining snakes and wings on the side. This is not the symbol for medicine. This is the Caduceus, a symbol of Hermes/Mercury and thus of diplomacy and commerce. The two snakes symbolize speaking in tongues and the wings represent the deity - who had winged shoes.
The correct symbol is not as fancy - because there's nothing fancy about medicine. It's death, decay and varying degrees of suffering. The symbol is a single rod with a single entwining snake. Just one. No wings.
I know this is a small gripe, but it does frustrate me, whenever I'm healing someone, that the wrong symbol shows up. It frustrates me enough to make this post, here and on reddit. Can this be fixed?
Relevant sources:
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Funny... I noticed this too... I think that means we are super nerds.... correct me if I'm wrong.

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Interesting to read that the US Army Medical Corps got in wrong in 1902 as well sparking the misuse. 


Well every day is a school day. 

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