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Our discord link: discord.gg/DN278as


                                                    IMPORTANT NOTES

                                       Squad leaders must read these rules       


1.1 If you are on MILSIM TACTICAL discord server please update your username in our discord to show your ingame name!



2.1 Squad leaders must name their squads appropriately and must reflect what actions they will take on the battlefield.
Example:Mortar,Tank name,Logistics,First Point Rush, Flankers, etc….

2.2 Follow the naming rule to avoid problems with admins, however naming your squad a funnyname is acceptable as long as it does not contradict with other rules!


2.3 Squad leaders must create a new squad to operate a TANK!

2.4 Squad leaders may use armored vehicles within the same squad as fire support limited to 1 per squad! Follow Operating a Vehicle Rules! 

2.5 Squad leaders must communicate in ENGLISH! At least be able to speak basic English!

3.1 Players and squad leaders must report squad leaders without a mic so admins may take appropriate action!



                                                               Seeding Rules


1.1 Server action is live at 15v15! 

2.1 Fight over middle capture point. 

2.2 If there happens to be an even number of capture points, tdm between the middle two points until server is live.

3.1 No HAB's within 100 meters of middle cap.

4.1 No attacking/disabling enemy FOB's!

5.1 No armor or emplacements before server action goes live!

6.1 Squad leads are responsible for keeping their squad members disciplined.

6.2 If a member is not responding please kick out of the squad and admins will take necessary actions! 


                                                         General Rules


1.1 Repeated harassment or bullying is not allowed.

2.1 GRIEFING OR DESTROYING of friendly assets with the intent of causing harm to              

    one's own team is an immediate permanent ban

3.1 DO NOT TEAM-KILL. Apologize for accidental team-kill in all chat.

3.2 Mass TK or intentional TK will result in a permanent ban!



                                                            OPERATING VEHICLES


4.1 These rules are set to give a team %100 effectiveness on the battlefield. 

Note: Armor that has the ability in which the commander can snap the gunner on to target must be 3 manned! 

4.2 - Leaving main base without your Armor being fully crewed as stated in server rules = Kick or Ban!


                                              !Tanks must have their own squads !

 - Challenger- require 4 crewmen but may run with 3 crewmen if the 4th is not present!

- M1 Abrams- Require 3 crewmen

- T72- Require 3 crewmen 

- Leopard- Require 3 crewmen

- T62- Require 3 crewmen but may operate with 2 crewmen if the 3rd is not present!

- Bradley- Require 3 crewmen due to the added stabilization.


-All Other vehicles that require a crewmen kit must be operated by 2 players!

-MATV require 2 players due to the risk of being shot out from the open top!

-Spandrel and Scout car may be operated by 1 player, however If a player requests a taxi ride you must do so if it is on the path you are taking and if that player is one of the following; HAT,ENGINEER, or an SL needing to link up with his full 9 player squad. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT TO TAXI! Just remember it helps the team!




5.1 If you want to Squad Lead you MUST have a MICROPHONE, be willing to 

    COMMUNICATE and play as a team, as well as know basic English.

6.1 NO HACKING, CHEATING, EXPLOITING or any other abuse of game features that 

    give players an unfair advantage.

7.1 Join or create a squad within a reasonable amount of time or you will be 

    considered AFK and kicked!



8.2 Usernames Must contain at least 3 consecutive English letters and or numbers. Foreign Alphabet is permitted. Usernames must not contain spaced out letters. 

This rule is meant to hinder some players trying to avoid being kicked or banned.



                                                   MAIN BASE RULES


9.1  Main Base camping is a mandatory 30 day ban!

9.2  Main Base zone differs from map to map, ask a MILSIM member or the admin on shift what is the zone set!

9.3  You may however kill an enemy mortar pit if it is in that safe zone.

9.4  If you are being shot from it, you may shoot back!

9.5  Players using rocket techi must be outside main base by at least 300 meters.

9.6  If your sole intention is to engage enemy targets within the immediate vicinity of 

       their main base, you are main camping. The Enemy must be able to get their 

      vehicles and/or infantry out of their main and into the fight. A perimeter will be 

      set around both main bases by the admins. The size of that perimeter depends on the map.                             


                                                  DO NOT MAIN CAMP!!!!





10.1 No microphone spamming, trolling, or griefing is allowed during tense moments or when asked by SL/Admin!

10.2 You may play music related to your faction but must stop as the law is set in 10.1!

10.3 You may NOT use your mic if hearing is needed in engaging the enemy! Such as looking for enemy radios!


11.1 Do not advertise for other servers!

12.1 Do not share ticket counts !

13.1 Squad leaders may remove/kick from their squad for any reason they wish.



                                                          STREAMING/ RECORDING


14.1 Streamers will be permanently banned because they are broadcasting friendly FOB locations and movement to the enemy!

14.2 Streaming permissions are only granted by the server owner and no one else!

14.3 You may record anything you wish as long as it is not uploaded during the match time itself



                                                              SQUAD SETUP


1.1 Squad Leads may ask you to select a specific role if you do not like it leave the squad or risk getting banned!

1.2 You must have at least one medic in your squad!

1.3 You must encourage your teammates not to give up right away to further help the team win!

1.4 Riflemen must follow to Fireteam they are assigned to resupply them with ammo unless not needed to do so!




ATTENTION: These rules are set to keep our community a healthy environment for all to enjoy. People who do not like these rules have the luxury of joining another server. Failure to follow our rules will result in your dismissal from our servers in means found fit by our administration team!




                                                          Play fair and good luck to all! 


                **************************     END OF RULES *******************************


Edited by lebaneseboy
Some people can not comprehend our rules so we are rewording them!

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