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FOV change when using very large monitors

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Me and my friend are playing on 55" monitors. So the 120° FOV is really appreciated, however it really bugs us when using scopes. 
It "seems" that it doesn't zoom, even if the zoom level is exactly the same as when using default FOV.
What gives this impression, is the fact that the scope appears very tiny on the screen.
And while it feels more immersive to not have a small FOV on a big 55" monitor, the "small scope circle", makes it very difficult to see what's being actually zoomed on with.

Therefore, my suggestion, is to have an option that would enable automatic switching of FOV when scoping.
Finally, this is already present in most other games with adjustable FOV that I am playing, as the scope fills the screen whatever FOV I'm in, when playing battlefield.


I could understand that it could be see as cheating at it's providing possibly a better understanding of the suroundings, however trust me, it's very uncomfortable to play/run with a small FOV with such monitor, and also very incomfortable to scope with large FOV as the scope's circle becomes very tiny.


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