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new DLC visuals

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i want to congrat the team that worked on this canada DLC,

this new maps look far more interesting than the officials maps ... so i dont know if they are work for the OWI if not hire them and fire the old ones.

on the visual side i happy to say that all the maps are now look much more better with this new colors and contrast. ( almost sure the Antialiasing is actually working)

i happy to see that the devs got some new glasses and now they make colors of the maps looks good and have good contrast . 

also i happy to see the new fog in the game, smart decision as the game world details doesnt load that far anyway and its improve the performance of the game/


overall i happy to see this game going the right way... after...3 years of trying.....and now... the hype is over ...but still 

i sure that your next title will be good from the begging

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