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Vehicle Capture & Destruction

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So I have been thinking of a way to articulate this for a while. On a personal note I abhor the behavior of 'capturing' enemy vehicles to deny the enemy further use and I go out of my way to destroy them in the name of sportsmanship. The best way I can think of explaining my solution is with the scenario below:


Say a newb or a friendly squad or whatever leaves a 5 ticket M939 logi truck behind enemy lines. We will stick to the 5 ticket logi truck for this example. Perhaps it is not too deep in enemy territory and is not too unreachable by friendly forces to reacquire, or perhaps there is too much risk in doing so. There are a few options that both the enemy and friendly teams have as a course of action.


1)  The enemy can destroy it and cost the friendly team 5 tickets and so it will respawn in main 3 minutes later.


2)  The friendly team can reacquire it at potentially great risk, thus saving the logi truck and incurring no ticket loss.


3)  The friendly team can also physically DESTROY IT on purpose by any means (LAT, C4, Player utilized weaponry) but here is the key, the penalty for doing so is only 3 or 2 tickets instead of 5. Think about what kind of behavior this would encourage. Destroying a stranded vehicle behind enemy lines where it is very unlikely to recover or preemptively destroying it before being overrun suddenly becomes a very viable solution for the teams longevity.


4)  The fourth, final and MOST game changing option is the commander (when he is introduced) ordering an Off Map Ordnance (OMO for short i guess for now) to fly in and destroy it at a penalty of 8 tickets. 8 tickets for A: destroying the logi truck and B: Ordering off map faction munitions. A key rule to using the OMO is that the Commander can only use it for destroying abandoned friendly vehicles and is unable to use it for any other purpose (definitely not killing the enemy). It can be any long range low yield ordance and the reason the ordnance would be low yield is so that it will decrease the likelihood of killing enemy players near the vehicle since that is not a meta we want to encourage. Also even if the logi truck is underground it will still get destroyed no matter what (every rule has its magic).


I know people would have a lot to say about the Commander role but that is a topic I was thinking of posting about in another post.

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