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Squad Gore Mod

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Hey guys, after a failed vote poll on squad gore, i decided to put the hands on myself. I would like to create this mod. So everybody who whishes to use it will be able to upload it on his server. 


There is a little little problem. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to modding. So it would be really helpfull if someone would write a roadmap for me, to learn all of the processes to create such mod. What I know is, I need steam sdk to create a mod. But at this moment I don't know where I have to start. I can imagine that I have to use my photoshop skills to create a blood decal. And I also know that I have to learn scripting to allow the game load the decals if xyz happens...


Like I said, I don't know where or how to start. Which format for the decals is needed and I don't know if I am able to edit and add textures in sdk. If you are a skilled and patient teacher, it would be awesome if you would write a roadmap for lessons for me. I need only a list. For an example, learn how to edit textures, learn how to copy textures, learn how to add textures. And how to write a script to activate the textures for all models in the game. Is this roadmap ok so far? Share your experience.


At the very beginning I would like to edit the gun wounds which we already have in squad. Where can I find it?

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Download the SDK from the Epic Games launcher. Then join the Squad Modding Discord channel.


Btw, you're going to need a reasonably beefy computer with an SSD to actually load or do anything in the SDK.


Good luck with your Mod.

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