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I wouldn't play on this server. The admins are too power hungry, or just imbeciles. They kick without investigating. I was running tank, my partner left the game, and I was going down a hill, then got stuck had to wait for  a while "One manning" trying to get it up to the road again, and asked a squad member to come drive it to with me when I got it up on the road.

As it was stuck. Got kicked for trying to get the tank up on the road, and let my squad member join me. Definitely not a good experience, and the admins are too trigger happy or in-experienced.

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Atlan, thankyou for you simple minded information on the forum...

as you know we are trying to make the chaos less on our server ! 

thats why there are RULES on server !..80% doenst even read the server rules.

but i am happy to see that you are aware that one manning is not allowed !


our admin tried his best to get in contact with you !,Maybe fix your headset?  (or buy a mic !!!)


well in the end..you can play on another server ! (that you will recommend offcourse) 

have a nice day ! 



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