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VRAM crash with a 6gb 1660 ti?

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Hi! I bought Squad during this year's summer sale in V14 after following its development for a long time beforehand. Anyways, when I bought Squad, I had a lower tier PC (CPU: Ryzen 3 1200, GPU: 750ti 4GB, 8GB Ram, SanDisk 240 GB SSD) and I had never had any issues with those specs. I had been planning an upgrade for a long time, finally had all the parts delivered and installed them which unfortunately made some small issues that I fixed during the time V15 was released. When I first hopped into a game, it crashed about 10 minutes in. After trying again a couple times, I lowered the resolution which did help on most maps. However some (especially Narva, I barely last 5 seconds after spawning in until it crashes) still don't work which concerns me because according to Steam, 6gb VRAM should easily be enough. 


Drivers should be up to date, pre-load textures is off, and lowering graphics details doesn't seem to help.


Current specs: 

CPU: Ryzen 7 1700x

GPU: 1660ti 6GB

8gb RAM

same 240 gb SSD


I'd really appreciate any help! 

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I get crashes as well with 2x super sampling without any AA. Although it's mainly if you have been playing for 2 hours or longer I've noticed. Some sort of memory leak.
I got a 1080ti (11GB)

16GB RAM (3200MHZ)
CPU 5960x 8 Core 4.5GHZ

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It's not the GPU, I have the same one 1660 Ti 6GB and it runs flawlessly. You might want to look up how to completely remove and reinstall the nvidia drivers and give that a shot

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Check out your log files to see if that gives a clue to the reason for the error you're experiencing.


You'll find them here.


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