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The game keeps crashing! I can’t find a solution!

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I simply can’t start the game! It crashes right after the EAC loading screen, then the UE4 crash report screen pops up. I tried many solutions: Uninstall the game and reinstall (2x), I also download a fresh new driver install, I’ve also checked if I had any mods downloaded (it seemed to be causing crashes in the past versions of the game) but I had none, in addition, I also don’t use the MSI Afterburner. My computer should be able to easily run the game since I have a GTX 1050TI and a Intel Core I7. This is my first time playing the game (well, at least trying to) and I’m very frustrated, I was going to buy it, but I’m not sure about that anymore. (I’m playing the free trial over the weekend). PLEASE HELP

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I am having the exact same issue. Have been trying to resolve the issues, but fear I may have to return the game as I am in a two day window.


Running Ryzen 5 3600 16 gb 3200 ram

Radeon 5700 xt Gpu


Really frustrated right now!

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I am also having this issue. Have not had this issue in the past. Validating steam files right now. Basically it goes past the anti cheat part, does the OWI logos and stuff, and then black screen. When it goes to black screen steam instantly resumes downloading any games it had in queue, even though I have it set so that I do not download while in game, and task manager says that Squad is not responding. Alt-F4 doesn't close the black screen but ending task in task manager kills it instantly.


Update1: 2 files failed to validate. 2.9GB currently downloading.

Update2: Validating files replaced the 2 files but the game still does not load. 

Update3: Forcing Squad to start in full screen by using -fullscreen in the launch options caused Squad to launch ONCE, but gave me an error about anticheat and I was not able to connect to any servers

update4: Restarted game, it took a lot longer than normal to launch but it finally did.


/post closed.

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