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New player (UK)

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Hello everyone!! New player here from the UK so I thought I'd introduce myself.


Currently downloading Squad on Steam as we speak. Looking forward to getting into the game. I've been on and off with Arma for years not sure if that will help me or not.


Is the game controller compatible? I have an Xbox controller that I wouldn't mind setting up if it's possible.


I'd imagine having a microphone with this game is preferred, I have a headset with a microphone but no idea where I've put the microphone. Is having a microphone essential? 


Any tips/pointers welcome!

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Hello mranon and welcome to this great game !


1/ Never played Arma so can't answer to this but watched some videos and as a teamplay-based game, it may certainly help.

2/ Game controller : don't think so (but I'm 100% PC player) ; + google search gave this and that

3/ Essentiel is not the word ; I'd say mandatory :P seriously, YES, you need a mike ! some servers even say "mic or kick" ;)


For tips, you can look here


Have fun on Squad mate !

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Definitely don't use a controller.  Microphone or you miss out on a lot of what the game offers. 


I played arma 3 on and off since it was in beta. If you ever played the king of the hill mode it has somewhat similar aspects as that: 


You need to plan where you move and how you'll get there carefully,  because being caught in the open us like arma, where it is a huge disadvantage to get caught out because you'll likely die before getting a chance to return fire. 


Infiltrating an object is about the same except with less of a campy feel to it. 


Weapons have travel speed and drop similar to arma, just more forgiving in squad. 


Using stamina as a resource is a must. Having it to shoot steady or cross a big gap of cover and concealment quickly is important. 


Main differences I notice: 


Doesn't have the inventory system anywhere near arma.


Doesn't have all the micro movements for fine adjustments to peak around or over stuff to nearly the degree of arma. 

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