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Task Force 121 is a gaming community that started on ArmA III but has been expanding to other games! Founded in 2016 we are an established and growing community based in North America, but with members from all around the globe. In ArmA, we've always referred to ourselves as "relaxed milsim" but in everything else we're casual. We strive to provide our members with a fun and engaging environment where the community feels more like a group of close friends and family.


Server: [TF121] Task Force 121 Gaming Community [US][ENG]


  • Don't be an asshole
  • Apologize for TKs.
  • Locked squads are allowed for a purpose, IE Tank, Mortar, Logi etc (Min. 3 people)
  • SLs must have a working Mic and speak English
  • If you have a newbie in your squad, help them where you can.
  • If you're a newbie, try to keep up as best you can, ask questions if you need help. We all had to learn the game at one point.


Membership Minimum Requirements

Note: Our Server is public, so obviously these apply only to TF121 membership! In that regard however, there are no exceptions to the requirements.

  • Minimum Age: 17
  • At least conversational proficiency in English.
  • A working microphone and speakers/headset.
  • A good attitude, integrity, and high personal character. We're looking for the best!


Application Process

  • Join our Discord: discord.gg/r72h6tW.
  • In the #welcome-channel you'll find some other information and a link to the application. Fill out the application.
  • In #recruiting, feel free to introduce yourself or if you have any questions we can answer them. This can be done before or after you fill out an application.
  • A member of our personnel department (S1) will get in touch with you, usually pretty quickly, and set up a little interview on teamspeak.
  • Receive your tags!


At the time of this post, Task Force 121 has approximately 75 active members mainly in Arma but also in a variety of other games. We are a welcoming and friendly group that definitely has it's own personality!

Edited by TF121.Inquisition6
Updated rules, license status, and spelling.

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