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[WIP] Operation Silver [Vanilla]

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Name: Operation Silver

Location: Afgan setting/generic

Size: appx 3x3km

Teams: USA vs RU, more will be added

Gameplay: AAS, TC, more planned, focus on vehicle and infantry balance and helicopters.

Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235044873 WIP 70-90% done
Description: A map set in a hilly region, filled with lush but dry river banks, steep hills, and winding roads.



Minimap: C61F081345F3C31AC833C05F4ACD61EAA9320895

Screenshots/Media: 9C1757DF08D74A3409B51E3899DFE42FE418BA2AC054A1A7F49F53AE88402277EBBA560192C66032968B90A28615BEAB6BB341FD7A4F9363A971961EF4C2B66CC583A1EF6F90795B3CAB868410143674A1E036A186346819B29F13B7A5DB70B86B2B9B31

(a0.25) v15
Feedback welcome, join the Discord: https://discord.gg/BCWbjYV 
Silver_aas_v1 - Standard, 6 caps, US vs RU
Silver_aas_v1_Night - Standard, 6 caps, US vs RU
Silver_TC1 - Standard, US vs RU

Appx 1.3gb.
Designed with helicopters in mind
70-90% complete
I will do further optimisation
Night lighting is still in testing but is very close
All previous layers will return in time expect PAAS which is no longer supported?
Bonus map removed - TBA.

To-Do list:
Finish northern areas - foliage, compounds, detailing.
Add POIs and cover to TC hexes areas.
Final road pass and re-edit road model and texture
Final foliage pass
Rocks pass - edit models and general clean up.
Update landscape material layers - final - last updated 11/07/2019
Update Minimap - final - last updated 11/07/2019
Re-check/re-add sound cues
Remake Previous gameplay layers - skirmish, HM, Inf. etc.
Lighting final for day and night plus AO tweeks.
Fix v15 missing content that was in v14 (wheat grass)

Optimisation check:
Merge meshes (reduce draw calls)
Edit and trim models
Edit all foliage models and textures - reduce alpha overdraw
Edit and Trim background mountains
Check foliage shadows settings
Replace splines where possible
Adjust/Check Landscape LOD

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