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Vehicle Balancing: Tandem Heat Cost

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Right now a Tandem HEAT costs 80 ammo points. When a Tandem hits a tank, there isn't any indication that it does anything a regular HEAT doesn't. A HEAT can disable any system in the game just fine, although without much damage to the vehicle's actual health. When you're in a squad engaging a vehicle threat, all you care about is whether or not it's still alive/functional. To that end, any LAT can seriously affect mobility either by taking out one of the tracks, or it's engine if they know where it's placed. A regular HEAT costs 40 ammo. For 80 ammo (2 HEATS) you can disable any vehicle by either taking out both tracks or a track and it's engine. Any of those scenarios will likely give you the opportunity to injure the crewman if/when they get out to repair depending on the situation.


A Tandem can do the same thing as a single HEAT (disable any system) but it does a bit more than a third of an MBT's health pool. As far as that squad is concerned, they paid 80 ammo for the same effect the regular heat had. The Tandem might make the crew retreat to re-arm/repair but honestly that crew doesn't have much to worry about from that squad because it's almost guaranteed any riflemen in the squad already used at least 20 ammo denying the HAT another Tandem. You only get two HAT kits per team, as opposed to 2 LATs per squad, if you deny yourself much more versatile options such an AR and GL.


On top of that, these kits take a certain degree of skill and knowledge of the vehicles in the game that isn't readily available without some personal time spent studying/testing. Map knowledge is something anyone can pick up, but a talented rocketeer can really be a diamond in the rough in the current state of the game.


My proposal is simple. Reduce the cost of the Tandem HEAT from 80 to 60. They still can't take more than one from an ammo bag, which would really upset the balance of the game. This way, riflemen are more likely to have enough for them to get their second Tandem (needed to take out the tank, and certain other large vehicles with health pools of 2K+) and the squad that has 9 men with only 2 riflemen (3 fire support, 1 HAT, 2 medics, SL) isn't completely screwed for ammo the second the HAT pulls a single Tandem out of one of the bags.

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This sounds like a good compromise and considered solution but I am not sure that it will improve the gameplay.


Currently you can tell a HAT has been fired in the local area and be reasonably confident that the enemy ammo is spent. Good coms will announce this.

I think the current balance is correct with the 80 cost. There are several ways to get ammo and hopefully dropped ammo boxes from vics will appear some time.


I don't know if there is plans for actual inventory instead of ammo points but that would be a nice change.

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