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Hosting a How to SL Class Today 7/9 & Wednesday 7/10

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This class is for the individual who has put in less than 100hrs into Squad and is interested in learning the basics of Squad Leading. This is not a requirement anyone is allowed to join, but spots will be limited. I usually tell people to spend at least 60hrs to play the game before they try SLing, but I'm not going to turn you away if you have 20-30hours. The class will be held in a discord call to allow for questions and discussions. There will be gameplay & maps that we will walk through together. I'm thinking 5-8 people per class and if there are enough people I can extend it out to a second day as well.

This is a FREE class!!!


Please Fill out the registration form if you are interested: https://forms.gle/EZSqibpQihdBFmju6 (Make sure to put your Discord numbers in the username)

The 1st Class will be held on 7/9 @4pm or 7 pm PST (added a Wednesday time for 9pm EST)


This class is not a hardcore Milsim class; this is for the casual SLs in Public Servers.

The focus for the class is around infantry & light vehicle mixed arms in the gamemode of RAAS!


What this class will cover:

  1. Communication

Confidence is Power

SL & The Squad

SL & Other SLs

  1. The Basics of Map Use

The Power of the Map

The Power of Markers

  1. Basic Tactics

SL Positioning & Squad Composition

FTLs & Fire Teams

Attacking an Objective

Defending an Objective

Aggressive Vs. Reactive Vs. Defensive

Basic Mixed Arms (Light Vehicles & Logis)

  1. FOBs & The Rally

Basic FOB Building

Basic FOB Positioning

The SLs Secret Weapon (Rallies)

  1. Maps & Plans

Basic Plan Building

Simple Plans Vs. Complicated

  1. Summary & Open Discussion

What this class doesn't cover is armor & heavy vehicle squads, Super FOBs, and Advanced Tactics. We might brush over mortars quickly, but it will not be in great detail. I strictly run infantry & and light vehicle squads and occasionally mortars; this is why I will not go into Armor squads. Similarly, I will only be covering the RAAS gamemode because its what I have the most experience with, but most things you learn will transfer to other gamemodes as well.

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Totally out of my timezone, so I would be unable to attend - but thank you for offering this. i'm sure it will be great help for many people.

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