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Squad SDK Update

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It’s here! It’s here!


The Squad Editor has been updated. This means modders can start bringing their mods back online! A client-side patch will be released at a later date to update support for players.


If you’re just getting started, be sure to join the Modding Hub Discord. It’s a great place to get your questions answered by the community and OWI alike!


Our Blueprint Developer Renn has prepared a quick introduction to some of the changes.



He’s currently producing a follow-up video to help folks with the update, fixing bugs, and redeploying with the new Editor version. Stay tuned for that as soon as it’s ready. =)


Edit: It's ready!



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thankyou for the update :)


fixed many things with my stuff already - haven't opened any of my populated maps yet though, soo ...


first real issue i have: AAS. i have looked at the new BP's for -Graph, -CaptureZone & -CaptureZoneMain. the Main has a trigger volume, as expected, however the 'normal' one has none, there's just the little white ball - where is it's perimeter? - is it missing?


i also have a request now that this new SDK is out: could we possibly get an updated version of the AAS guide, that includes RAAS and how to use it?

- an updated lighting guide might be good too ;)


thanks again, Devs. :)


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