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Weekend Roundup, June 27

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Hey squaddies!


We’re inching ever so slowly toward another weekend and there’s plenty of Squad to help beat the heat. (Or generate some extra, if you’re in THAT hemisphere — just be careful with overclocking.)





5:30 PM PT (0030, 28/6 UTC)


Squad Ops: SOTT Basic


On this day in 1942, J. Edgar Hoover announced the capture of German saboteurs that had arrived in New York via U-boat as part of Operation Pastorius.


11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)

[RIP] Rusty in Places vs. The World

5:30 PM PT (0030 29/6 UTC)

Squad Ops: Regulars Event


The Treaty of Versailles was signed on this date in 1919.


11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)

Level.gg 40 vs 40

11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC)

Squad Ops: Operation Eagle peak

2:30 PM PT (2130 UTC)

Squad Ops: SOTT Basic

5:30 PM PT (0030 30/6 UTC)

Squad Ops: Operation Halberd


The Sphere loves you. Enjoy your weekend!


Would you like to see your event here? Let us know.

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