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Tips for a newbie

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Hi everyone!


This is my first topic and English isn't my primary language. I still learning, sorry for some mistakes.

I bought SQUAD yesterday and I would like to get some content that can help me, such as videos, readings, forum topics or somethings like that.

I'm completely noob in Squad but I play lot of FPS games.
I'm a respectful person that can follow rules and help team.

I have a decent hardware if this is important (settings tips are welcome either).


I'm from Brazil, so generally, latency to US servers is around 170ms (not too bad, not too good).


Thank you for your time!




Erwin W. Paulus.

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I found a Squad Manual version 1.1 but others contents will be welcome.

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The best advice i can give you is to move slower whenever possible. Squad actually does a good job of depicting how camouflage works and its quite hard to spot people at a distance, especially if you play on higher graphics settings. Your eyes react better to movement. If you are running all over the map you don't give yourself time to spot enemies and react. That doesn't mean you shouldn't run though, it depends on the situation.


Generally speaking, use cover (rocks, buildings, etc) and concealment (bushes, grass, dips and valleys in the ground, etc) whenever you move. If you can see them, then they can see you too, as long as they turn their heads in your direction. When you reach an open space you need to cross, sit still for a second while still in a concealed position. Take a look around and try to see if there are enemies close. This will also let your stamina regenerate, so that when you decide to cross you can hold shift and sprint across faster, towards the next position that gives you cover.


Don't play for kills, play for survival, especially in the beginning. The kills will come as you gain experience. When you learn how to move in order to survive, you will also understand how the experienced players move. By playing to survive you learn good positioning. By knowing good positioning you can guess where the enemy will be hiding and get good shooting opportunities.


Don't underestimate suppression. Even if you can't see the enemy yourself, don't wait for a perfect shot. Just start shooting at the direction your teammates said they saw enemies. Shoot at any place they might be hiding such as bushes, trees or windows. Like i said before, you know how to survive and hide, so you know where they might be hiding, so you shoot there. You may get a lucky shot and kill someone, or they might be forced to move around and relocate. Either way, you get a bit of an advantage in the firefight.


Stick to rifleman and medic in the beginning. Then try out grenadier, MG and the anti-tank roles. If you play marksman, don't play only for kills. If you want kills, any other role will probably get you more. Marksmen have both a scope and binoculars. Play stealthy, stick close to your squad but not directly on top of them and spot enemies for them. A marksman is not a killing machine, he's a scout/spotter and long range support, so he must be able to operate ahead or on the flanks by himself, without getting killed all the time. After the squad leader, it's the second most difficult role to play correctly (probably followed by LAT/HAT as 3rd most difficult), so stay away from marksman until you know how to move without being seen and how not to shoot everything you see and attract attention to you and your squad all the time. Your job is to see and report first of all and provide long range support against high danger opponents (eg, an exposed vehicle gunner or people on enemy FOB weapon emplacements), personal kills come last.


Listen to your SL and help your squad mates. It's a team game, don't be selfish. Do logi runs when asked. Switch kits when asked. Solo play will not only get you killed, but also cause problems to your squad mates.


There are loads more to learn, but i think these are some of the most important for a beginner. Welcome to Squad and have fun!


A couple of youtube playlists for you:


And this one, which is quite a bit more advanced and does not only apply to the game:


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2 hours ago, SCG_ErwinP said:

Seizing the opportunity I would like to know if the bullets go through the wall.

Bullets will go through certain barriers like wooden fences, pallets, etc. They don't tend to go through solid walls in this game. 

It's a good idea to keep in mind what truly counts as cover and position yourself accordingly. More than a few times I've shot people through wood slats in this game because most people tend to think if they're behind an object they're covered and you'll have to move to them. It helps to be smarter than your enemy ;)

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Everything you need to know about how to play Squad properly is contained on a YouTube channel called "Karmakut"...

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*do not stand, kneel or lie close to walls, your feet and weapon clip through walls showing any enemy on the outside exactly where you are

*crew serve weapons and cannon go right through wooden wall, HE rounds will cause fragmentation of wall material

*do not attempt to scope sight someone in a cqb situations, learn to snap shot in any encounter less then 15 meters

*reload in cover before proceeding when clearing rooms in a mout environment

*for long range iron sight shooting adjust your elevation (x+mmb) to account for bullet drop

*just because you can't see the enemy doesn't mean they can't see you, the biggest thing that makes you a target is movement, the human eye reacts to movement above all else

*if you play as a medic come to terms you aren't always going to be able to save everyone, you need to remain pragmatic, if they rushed into a hail of gunfire without any caution mostlikely you will follow the same fate and the rest of the squad will be without a medic in the mean time

*there is a time to play defense and a time to maneuver and fight with aggression, a static player is a static target

*armor needs infantry support and infantry needs armor support, they go hand in hand, too many players forget this and fail to use the proven doctrine of combined arm tactics

*marksmen is primarily a recon element, not a one man head shot killing machine, his primary jobs is to observe and pass on information to the sl and indirect fire support, spotting and reporting to adjust fire solutions and stay alive.


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1. Find the way you want to play
2. Find clan/community you like to play with and can play your preferred way

It'll save you time and from back habits of advicers

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Pro Game Tips:

Team work is more important that KDR

 - The most valuable player in the game is not the person that gets all the kills. Its the person that in-powers others to do their job well. 
 - (95% of the time team work wins games. The other 5% goes to someone that got lucky with at 50+ kdr for a match. (getting 70+ kills and one death in a game does not guaranty victory. the game will still be lost if their is not teamwork.
 - getting good KDR is a good goal when first starting, but you may find that as you master more and more of the game, your KDR will matter less and less as your ability to help other do their job best becomes more valuable to the team. (many games have been won, primarily from just doing a supply run at the right time.)


For all engagements always avoid a (1 to 1) slug out.

- you will only win 50% or less of the time. and be heart from the engagement.
- as a metaphor, imagine your opponent walks into a room were you are posted by a doer. If the room has 2 doers the opponent will look directly at you and shoot. However if the room has 4 doers. Your odds of winning will go up by significantly. So always look for engagements were your opponent hast too many distractions to look at before they find you. (big cluttered rooms, open spaces with long views, land with lots bushes, trees, or buildings, and locations with lots of gun fire to distract.)


Avoid insults, rather give advice or suggestion.

- This goes extra for when squad leading. Often players will drift off from the group, be confused on a plan, or at times disagree with a command.
- There is no one way to lead a squad, different strokes for different people.   

- More often than not keeping your squad informed from what comes over the command radio will help seal squad approval.
- Encourage suggestions. However if a player is trying to give orders out from under you, (your squad cohesion will brake-apart very fast) find a way to ring them back in line. Encourage them to give suggestions. And if they refuse to fallow orders, don't be afraid of pressing that squad kick button. As long as you give ample time, several chances, and encourage them to rejoin the squad after they change their mind. And when they do rejoin.(30% of the time) give them extra brownie points for doing something hard. Keep in mind the best doctors make the worst patients. 
- When talking on squad command coms. Avoid insults or grips whey people aren't doing what you wont. Rather just give reminders, and suggestions. It is very difficult to know the thought process of another squad lead. when every one is loaded down with multitasking. when in doubt just ask a question.


Don't be afraid to fail
- it is said that a grate leather can do the job meteorically well when the world goes to hell, as everyone else panics and louses their mind.

- on average a good squad lead will have command of 20% of the game. That present will go up if you communicate well and in-power others.
- A good squad lead's plan will go to hell most of the time. How good your squad does mostly depends on how well the team adapts, when the world goes upside-down. Don't get stuck on one way of doing something. Experimentation will often fail, but it will make you a better player for gaining a extra tool in the thought process for the next engagement.


Squad coms.
- Encourage banter on local coms. when the crew has a little down time. Such as when traveling for point to point, or when grabbing Ammo.
- Keep the squad radio mostly clear to short coms for tactics.
- Keep command coms. vary short and to the point for tactics, use the keypad numbers to talk directly to a individual squad as often as you can, so you don't clutter the coms.
- Keep in mind communication is king. Squad leads often have coms from, (9 squad mates), (4 to 9 squad leads), (random local players), and a (commander)


Don't forget to have fun.
- As this is a competitive hardcore game. It is also a place to experiment, learn, and teach. More often that not this is done better if everyone is having fun.

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On 6/27/2019 at 8:29 PM, Zylfrax791 said:

Everything you need to know about how to play Squad properly is contained on a YouTube channel called "Karmakut"...

I had given up PC gaming for 7 years until I found his youtube channel... now I am £1,500 lighter and playing Squad.

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Best bet is to get stuck in, people can spit advice at you all day but in the end it's going to be down to brass tax and steel balls, I play as a Combat engi, I do pretty much everything on the battlefield, I repair, I dig, I blow shit up, I place mines and I chase tanks with C4 in my hand, I play sneeky, I kill squads on squads with direct combat and hell, I even crank off a 800m shot every now and again but honestly, my day one was just "Uhhh, where are the bad guys and where do I need to go?". Learn faction camos, play with the kits to see what you like, shoot a few friendlies by mistake and ignore the asshats yelling about who's fault it is for losing like the rest of us, you'll learn.

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