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Bring Operation Flashlight back + urban maps

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It would be great to see more infantry-focused maps available in Squad.

Operation Flashlight was great in this sense, with dense forests almost impassable for veichles. All that counted was infantry squads coordination and maneuvering. I would love to see it back, I miss it so much.


For the same reasons I would love to see much more urban maps, something that may represent city warfare like Narva in western Europe (possibly more claustrophobic) and suburban areas like Mogadishu's slums, where the close quarter combat was ruling.

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14 hours ago, Xeinar said:

Operation Flashlight was great


LOL, Operation First Light AKA Forest.

It was beginning to show its age within squad compared to current maps, we'd much prefer to focus on the future.... There's no reason as to why someone can make something similar in style or appearance and have the possibility of having it made an official map.



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