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Hey, [/wave], Sneek here, got Squad as a gift and it looks great.  Haven't played much yet, but i have been running through the vehicles and weapons in the shooting range to get familiar w/the controls and key map.


To the point, this game looks like it needs serious communication.  Something im not to good with, mainly the terminology.  I will be browsing and posting in  the looking for guild pages in the near future, obviously because i will be looking. :}  english, USA (cental) just in case anyone who thinks ill fit in with their bunch.  Get hold of me


Thanx for your time.



Quick facts.  also plays SWL, SWTOR, and various hack n slashers.

                       Played BF2 for 3 years after shutdown on private servers

                       Willing to get involved in other games with a community, if I find the right fit

                       game and the PC to play it on was a fathers day gift from wife and daughter.  

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Welcome. My only advice is to start slow, take it easy and learn at your own pace. First read a couple of guides (or watch some youtube videos if you're more of a visual learner) just to get the very bare basics out of the way (squad roles/kits, calling out contacts, etc) and practice a few minutes in the firing range to get a feel for the weapons and movement. The firing range has targets representing infantry and vehicles in a series of preset, marked ranges, so this will get you used to estimating distances in a real game when you don't have a range marker available (important for ranging your shots and adjusting sights).


After half an hour or so in the range, join a few games. Join an infantry squad, take the rifleman kit and tell your squad leader you're new. The majority of people are helpful and friendly and they will tell you what you need to do in order to start navigating the game's complexities. After a few matches you will be comfortable with the basics (moving around the map, concealment, cover, flanking, fire and maneuver) and the core game mechanics (capture points/flags, different game modes, spawning mechanics) and you will be able to land shots in a more or less accurate fashion. At that point you can start experimenting with other kits and roles. I'd advise the medic, the grenadier and the automatic rifleman or machine-gunner as a start. Marksmen are very specialized and few people know how to play one in a useful fashion, and the anti-tank roles are critical to your squad's survival in certain maps, so take a bit more time before choosing those.


Work with your team, listen to your SLs and fireteam leaders and you'll have a great time.



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