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Corporal Upham

The a14 Stutter Problem

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Posted (edited)

I built a rig in February primarily to play Squad, after watching some Karmakut videos. It worked fine, even with only 8GB single-channel when one of my two sticks arrived DOA. Version a13 got a little performance bump and looked better. But since version a14 it is unplayable, stuttering with huge frame rate drops. It works fine for a few minutes after joining Shooting Range or a server, then performance degrades. When it stutters, CPU usage and GPU usage both drop.


My PC specs are:

  • Z370 Aorus Gaming 7
  • i7 8700K, not OC, mild temps
  • 16GB
  • RX 590, mild temps, latest driver
  • Squad launched from SSD
  • 1920x1080 fullscreen with mostly Epic settings for 1080p 60hz monitor
  • 2560x1440 fullscreen with Medium to Epic settings for 1440p 144hz monitor


Here are a couple recordings of it behaving normally then things going south.





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Although you game runs fine at the start I would try to deactivate fully load textures. First it unnecessarily increases your loading time because it loads all textures into your VRAM and second even 8G VRAM is too less for most maps. My 1080ti showed 10.5G VRAM usage on many maps. 


So this might also contribute to your issue.

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Tried it, no difference. Other things I've done....

  • Cleared game cache, in-game and manually
  • Verified game files
  • Re-installed game files
  • Updated video driver
  • DDUed video driver then re-installed video driver
  • Different video card settings: no OC/low power, slight OC/high power

I should mention that the game stutters in the menu, too, because it's rendering the tank scene in the background. The mouse bounces around and it's difficult to make selections. Again, not initially upon launch, but eventually.

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I'm with u on this. After V14 my game performance went to $#!t. The stuttering is every so often with no fps drop, go figure.

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this game uses too much VRAM, when it gets to the point of 90% or above VRAM usage this happens...


I have the same problem, not as bad as yours, but when I aim down the scopes, it freezes for 1-2 seconds


I have a GTX 1080 (8GB) and I play on 4k... but I need to set everything on LOW (including textures, the most important here) so the VRAM usage is around 7,8GB, and sometimes is freezes anyway


I cant lower the resolution (at least not in fullscreen) because I play on TV, so I am stuck with 4k and my stupid TV does not support any other res


I recommned you setting effects to LOW (so your GPU will not overload) and textures to LOW (so you have spare VRAM)


just try it, also run afterburner on the background, you will notice that the problem starts to occur when the VRAM is all maxed out

this problem also happens to me in Sandstorm, also a UE4 game


what I also did was set my pagefile size to 20GB, but I havent tested it yet to see if it helps or worsen the problem

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Posted (edited)

It's weird for me to see so many people with much better specs than mine having these problems, but i have a few suspicions on what might be causing them.


I think it's partly because the game might currently be more CPU-limited than GPU-limited.

Another thing is a possible dependence on hard drive speeds, once you get to the point where textures have to be paged back and forth using the disk.


The reason i'm suspecting as such is that i'm playing with a graphics card that is below minimum specs (nVidia 750 GTX with just 1 GB VRAM) and i have no problems at all.

I have most detail options set to high or more, whenever a lot of things are happening on screen and the GPU can't take the processing load or the VRAM goes full, the game downgrades textures automatically for me.


I think what makes this possible is the Samsung evo SSD i have in my PC, which is one of the new M2 SSD drives that plug in almost directly to the motherboard. This bypasses the SATA interface and gives you read speeds up to 3500 MB/sec. I also have an older monitor with a 1680x1050 resolution, so there's a lot less pixels to push every second, which helps as well. But i have a suspicion the main thing that makes it all possible is that i have a decent i5 processor and a fast SSD drive.


It could also be the case that the more VRAM you have, the more RAM you need as well. I'm not 100% sure, but i think textures get loaded from disk to RAM and from RAM to VRAM. So it's quite easy for my system with just 8GB of RAM to push 1GB of textures to my graphics card, but it might be harder for the exact same system to work with a current generation GPU and have to push 6 or 8 GB of textures every now and then.

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