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What's up lurkers, if you're interested in a relaxed/mature environment while still playing games at a competitive level, keep on reading. I'll start briefly with an introduction about myself, I go by matical and my envision was to create a group of friends around the world that were connected by multiple games. I founded it back in late-2018 on the game Garry's Mod and nine months later we're now starting to branch off into more games.

Some of us are very interested in Squad and it's competitiveness it has to offer, therefor we're starting a new division within our community based on it. It'll be a small group of about 15 or so players to begin with and eventually expand from there. There are no applications involved in joining this organization. We only ask that you communicate actively with other members of the community and play some matches with them to get involved, eventually you'll be invited in.

I should also say that I'm looking to recruit 1-2 SL's, and preferably have one of the SL's become the Division Leader for the Squad Section as I'm personally not experienced enough to run it myself. Cheers.


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