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NVG, Suppressor and other suggestions

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I just wanted to make a few suggestions, that I'd love to see in the future.

I know some of these suggestions might not be for everyone - but I would absolutely love it.


Dynamic Weather and Night

  • I think it would be great, if it could suddenly start raining or snowing, while fighting. I would also love it, if Night Ops were added.



Night Vision (NVG) + Suppressors

  • As I mentioned in my suggestion above, I would love Night Ops. If night were added to the game, then it would be super cool to have NVG and Suppressors.



M107 Barrett .50 Caliber Rifle

  • A one-shot .50 Cal Sniper would be amazing...




  • It would be very nice, if doors, that can be kicked in. Insurgents should be able to put explosives on doors, that triggers when the door is opened.



M18A1 Claymore

  • For the Americans and Brits



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I'm all for dynamic weather and stuff! Would be awesome to have.

NVG i really doubt will ever be added, there's pretty much no way to balance it properly.

Sniper rifles are also a confirmed no afaik. Snipers simply are not Squad-oriented roles. They are lone-wolves which is not what the devs want to have i think.

I'd love doors and stuff, that would be cool to have, though i do imagine it'd be pretty intensive on the server performance.

AP mines would be neat to have, not sure if the devs said anything about it, but i'd love to have em.

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If we go by what is easiest to implement and what does not diverge much from the developers' idea of what the game should be, the anti-personnel mines could be a nice little addition to test. Keep in mind though, we did have claymores in PR but they were hardly ever used because they worked like IEDs. You had to lie down in an ambush position and trigger them manually with a remote detonator.


I don't know how easy it would be to implement trip wire detonation (or if the real mine even has it) and how you would avoid teamkills, since you essentially need new map markers for such a thing (a mine marker like the one we have now for anti-vehicle mines, plus a line that shows where the trip wire extends, so that team mates don't trigger it accidentally).

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theres a post that im to lazy to find, but in it are a bunch of features that wont be added, NVGs is on that list, i think night ops were too

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