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Division/Community/Clan name:
(just scroll down and join our discord) :D
About us:
-We are a structured,organized, EU located and primarily English speaking gaming community that has been created 
with intend to establish a collective that is like minded and focused on most importantly Teamplay, tactics, strategy and coordination. 
-Our habitat consists mainly of military/tactical and realism shooters with and without combined warfare.
Thus basically games that are aimed at a certain audience, who seek to play a certain way.
-For SQUAD we have a casual and more competitive company planned, the establishment of these will be realized further down the road as we grow.
The competitive company is for those who seek to be more involved into events, trainings and competing against other clans.
NOTE: We don't care how good you can shoot, WE prefer to play with communication ppl over ego power players. Its about bounding together to, we are getting a score in the outcome together.
Not your personal rol is importent.
Enlistment conditions:
-Most be 17+
- english speaking
-In possesion of mic and headphone.
-Former expierience in millitary/tactical shooters is  a +
-Capable of teamwork
-Willing to be active (life comes 1st ofcourse) 
-Have a reasonably acceptable name for discord/steam
-Good sense of humor
Other games or clans from [EXO] that we have:
-  ARMA 3 Wasteland (we have our own servers)
Join us on discord:
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