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We need it and we need it now!


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  1. 1. Towing ability or flip button?

    • Towing ability.
    • Flip button.
    • Both.

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It's great that the creators are adding new vehicles and new features into the game, as well as performance optimization and stability. But if there is ONE thing that needs to be added in Squad, that would have to be the ability to flip back or tow a vehicle that happens to be stuck in such an unfortunate position.


What kind of method should be added?

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  • dig to unflip*
  • engineer tool to unflip*

* currently missing from game :)


make it take 3 mins with one person digging/wrenching. reduce time with more people helping.

if it caught on fire in this time as a penalty it would be fine at least it could be moved

for extra dev points make time-to-right vary based on weight of vic.

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Honestly i really do want bad drivers to get punished, unlike in PS where you can just flip it back with a button. Though are some issues at times when the driver can't really do much about getting flipped for no reason. So yeah, i'm in favour of towing.

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