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game needs more zoom levels on "N" map zoom, especially for Skorpo

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Please add more zoom levels, it's only possible to get fine zoom level with Enter key/spawn menu map currently, and that zoom level isn't synced with "M" map zoom level currently.

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You can use your mousewheel to get better zoom control on the "M" map, if the "N" key don't suit you.


Not synching the zoom levels between the "M" map and the "enter/caps lock" map is done on purpose i think and it helps in certain cases. Say you're leading a squad or you are just a LAT guy. You can have high zoom on the "M" map to see where you squad mates are and if there are enemy markers close, and you could have a wider view on the "caps lock" map to have an idea of the overall tactical picture with the rest of the squads and farther enemy markers.

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