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Lets discuss how helicopters will tremendously improve Squads mechanics

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2 minutes ago, Dubs said:

With the new patch release cadence(new patch every 4 - 6 weeks) not only will we see new content & tweaks more regularly, but an increase in player interest & retention.

The past 9ish weeks has been the healthiest the playbase has been since v12 release in Nov 2018. Which v12 had a significant drop in players after a month. Since v13 & v14 we are holding quite a high increase in both average player count and individual player count for 2+ months, no real major drops, but maintaining it.

Yes i know i can see the player count too every patch gets us players up but after a little while we are back at the old player count of us hardcore old players that like the game and love spending the time in it.

And i still think and say that the choppers will do the same.

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On 13.6.2019 at 12:01 AM, Burningbeard80 said:

In the current mechanics, it's like the supplies are funneled into an undergroung plumbing system that runs them all the way to the guns/mortars/AT missile emplacements. This is a small thing and it's mostly about immersion (having to drop ammo bags via riflemen to reload emplacements is more realistic).


This would give the rifleman the edge he needed because usually out of 9 roles only one of them is a rifleman. Plus this would encourage more teamplay, operating tow/mortar fobs single handed would be less effective.


I really have high hopes for the chopper update with the possible logistics rework that could come along with it. 

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