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Buddy rally improvement

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So, now it's very likely for the buddy rally to stay, as much as i want it gone, i had an idea to at least improve it from what it is right now.


Instead of just being able to place it on any random squad's rallypoint, how about adding a requirement to have a logi truck within 30 metres from the rally you want to place it on? This would at least require a bit of effort on your team's side, making the feature itself less of a cheat. It would also add a better counter to it, kill the logi before it arrives and the other team won't be able to have their entire team spawn out of nowhere on another squad's rally.


Thoughts on this? I would love to hear suggestions and ideas from other players in the community on how to improve the current buddy rally system.

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I don't disagree with making it a bit harder to use, but requiring a logi makes it too similar to a FOB. I think that maybe we should differentiate between spawning mechanisms, so that each one has its own role and will be used in specific situations. In the long run,  i'm thinking something like this:


  • Main base: A pretty solid choice to spawn, regroup and maintain squad cohesion before going into an attack from a different angle, especially once the transport helicopters are added to the game. Also required when picking up newly spawned vehicles.
  • FOBs/HABs: This should be the main spawning mechanism for the team for the duration of the match. It takes a bit of planning to setup and it can be countered.
  • Rally Points: These should not be the main way of moving squads across the battlefield. They should be a way to maintain squad cohesion and have some regroup capability after an assault where you take casualties, placed between the FOB and the objective to keep the location of the FOB secret for as much as possible. If we think in a straight line, on the map it should look something like this: FOB-----Rally-----Objective
  • Buddy Rally Points: These should only be a last ditch emergency option for when the game stalls completely, instead of the magic flanking mechanism they are now. For example, situations where you suddenly lose both your FOB and your normal rally and have no way to get back into the fight, you get one chance and one chance only during that fight to make an additional push. In order to make them special case use only, they would have to have a higher cost. For example:
    • You can only place a buddy rally once every 10-15 minutes.
    • To place a buddy rally, you need to have a friendly SL and  one or even two members of his squad (his squad, not just any squad) near the original rally (so, the same thing we do for a normal rally, but with another squad). This will require people to communicate and coordinate.
    • Buddy rallies have a much higher despawn radius when enemies get close.
    • All of the above.


And finally, it would be nice if we had more transport vehicles on each layer, even unarmed ones (with low ticket cost and frequent respawns), so that we won't need to have the buddy rally the way it is today, or even at all.

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That seems like a good idea yeah. Although, overall the buddy rally, and rallies themselves, would be a lot better gameplay-wise, if they were 30 second spawns. Having a rallypoint being an actual rallypoint and not a permanent spawn, would force players to think their timing and actions through a bit more.

It would probably also force smarter usage of APC's and transports.

And lastly, it would fix basically all of my issues with the current buddy rally system.

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