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Command channel sound Vs the Environment

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I was thinking after squad leading the other day that a nice optional function would be when keying the mic to talk to other squad leaders would be to have the volume drop for the environment and the other radio channels while cross talking to other squad leaders. I often have this battle of having to try and shut out all other sounds that sometime completely trample over the coms of the other SLs. I've messed with sound level options for each of the channels but i never really get a great balance when it comes to using the command channel. I often have this battle in my head trying to figure out what should be more important, local voice loudest, squad set loudest, or have the command channel up the highest.


I was thinking you could have a fourth slider under sound to adjust a percentage in volume reduction for voice communication rather than the whole environment to further the idea. A reduction in volume would really help boost communication with a bonus to gameplay especially when having to jump language barriers.


As a bonus I think this idea would fit really nice with the new animations when talking with other SLs and the hand raising to the ear while using the command channel. I don't think this would detract to much from realism but would instead boost game play by allowing a clear communication across squads.


What do you think?

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I do like the hectic nature of things at times because it is immersive, but i understand that SLs are overwhelmed with a lot of information. I would propose something essentially similar to your idea: add a sound option to simulate the use of headphones and earpieces. The DCS flight simulator does something similar, you can choose to hear game sounds as if they are heard through a pilot helmet.


So, when a SL is talking on command, the squad radio would be muted (too drastic maybe, could lead to missed intel from your squad) or lowered and the volume of the environment and local would not just be lowered in volume, but muffled. It would not disable other sounds altogether and it wouldn't be adjustable by the player either, it would just simulate the SL talking with a radio headset on that has slight noise insulating properties.

I'd also like something similar for vehicles. I remember when i was playing PR and whenever we would get in a chopper at the start of the match, it would take 2-3 times of the pilot asking "where do you want to go?" and the SL replying with a grid, because the rotor sounds were drowning everybody's voice out. People who were flying choppers had to lower their effect sounds, but when they were going back to infantry roles they had to increase them again in order to be able to pick out enemy fire and movements, and this happened all the time.



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Its funny you should mention DCS as i came to this idea through using the "hear like pilot headphone" slider. LIke you i think that muting the rest of the sounds would be to drastic, but i do believe that a slider as you mentioned in DCS would be a nice compromise as it would allow you to configure the amount of outside volume the earphone would receive when hitting the PTT for the commanders channel.

This would be really handy like you mentioned when in a vehicle and trying to coordinate with other SLs.


I'd love to see a feature like this!

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