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Repacking magazines

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I really, really love the new ammo system! Especially now that you can choose what items you reload from ammo bags. I wish is that we could repack magazines. I dislike having a decent amount of ammo, but having it spread out in multiple mags that have only a few rounds each. Repacking should take time and make you vulnerable while doing it. My Idea on how to implement:


1.) Pressing and holding reload for 3s would start the process, it could go something like this: Put your gun away -> take out a magazine and start re-packing it -> switch to next magazine and re-pack -> all magazines are repacked -> pull out your gun.


2.) The process can be interrupted at any time by pressing a number key to pull out a weapon.


3.) The logic in repacking should be that you take ammo from the mag that has the least and move it to the one that has the most. (you can't put ammo to the mag that is in your weapon)


4.) Time it takes to re-pack a single mag (from empty to full) could be around half the time it takes for a medic to heal from brink of death to full.


5.) Movement speed while repacking should be the same as medic movement speed while healing.


6.) Taking ammo from crate or ammo bag gives you full mags so rearming is unaffected by this mechanic.


7.)  For extra risk interrupting the process could cost some ammo. Idea behind this is that if you need to pull out your gun while you are repacking you don't have time to store the unloaded ammo, so you just drop it to get your gun out as fast as possible. If implemented we would also need a safe way to interrupt, say hold reload for 3s to safely interrupt and pull out your gun, without loosing ammo.

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I agree 100% there is many ways to implement these little functions and variations of it. Not only could you re-pack magazines but if they give a rifleman bandolier that any soldier can carry out of a crate, set down or use off their body. This should be separate from rifleman ammo bags and any soldier except machine gunners with ammo belts should be able to carry bandoliers. Same for ammo belts too, every soldier should be able to carry one extra ammo belt or a bandolier. One or the other for extra ammo... bandoliers carry stripper clips of 10 rounds per clip. There is a magazine stripper clip feed adapter that you put on the back of your mags. 3 feeds into an empty magazine takes 15 seconds about or less. Then take single bullets out of magazine then refilling partially empty ones should take as many second as there are bullets, never taking a mag with 15-20 rounds and emptying it, but those 15-20 ones being refilled taking the mags mostly empty.


We need the ability to share magazines, as well. Like how we can set down ammo bags as rifleman for everyones ammo. But make the magazines, bandoliers and ammo belts be throwable like the hand grenades. With respective weights and maximum throwing distances differing considered. Magazines should throw like hand grenades then be picked up like ammo bags when rifleman retrieve them to carry them. Also give the function of magazines to drop individually like rifleman ammo bag. …. So 3 ideas here. Repacking ammo, bandoliers/ammo belts, setting down and throwing mags/belts/bandoliers to each others area. So we can reload each others magazine from throwing distance. I need to give my medics something to do while my tips and orders keep everyone alive. I want full ammo carrying capabilities

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Any new information on the possibility of implementing this? I find myself reloading often during high intensity engagements and then end up with 5 half-full magazines. The ability to repack magazines would be a great help.

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