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Creating British Army RTS Game

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Good Afternoon everyone,


I am currently making a RTS game on Unreal Engine based on modern military in an insurgency.


I want to make the first faction based on British forces. I am British but not served in the forces, so I am going to need some help with basic accuracy. It's not going to be as bling animation wise as Squad, as I am currently developing this on my own. But want it to play as realistic as possible, supplies coming by truck and convoys having to be defended. IED searches on convoy routes. Out reach to locals. Locals having a dynamic trait controlling whether they are being radicalised to insurgency or not.


I really need help with the structure of British Army, particaly small units of Royal Engineers and Army combat sections, can I use two sections of four troops as defence for a section of Royal Engineers that would construct your "fire base" or OP.


I haven't posted on the forums in a long time, but knew this would be a good place to ask.


Please post any ideas you have. Better to get a list now before I get further down the line of coding specific ways AI works.




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