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7th Special Forces Group, Recruitment Post!

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7th Special Forces Group



Welcome to the 7th Special Forces Group Page, We are close-knit unit based on plans on making a fun and realistic  experience in  the game of squad, if you have any questions please join our discord https://discord.gg/qxq5jX4


The 7th Speical Forces Group is in need of SNCO's and NCO's as well as normal enlisted personnel, if you are interested in joining, please fill out this sheet or join our discord.  Administration Sheet -  https://forms.gle/MFFF9Q47Vuhca9Nf7, Discord - https://discord.gg/qxq5jX4


Our Requirements
You must be at least 14 years of age

You must be Mature and Competent

You must be able to follow orders and respond to such orders

You must be able to understand the structure and the terms of the 7th SFG


Our Structure

7th SFG

1st Battalion

Alpha Company

ODA 5111


ODA 5111 DC

CPT. Moynihan


ODA 5111 OS


Our Training

Training for 7th SFG is separated into 3 Parts which make up 8 days total, the 1st part also known as SFAS or Special Forces Assesment and Selection take 2 days in which the Candidates are put through a Multitude of exercises to test there response's, organization and Teamwork Abilities. After they pass this phase they move on to the 2nd phase also known as COH or Course Orientation and History it takes 4 days and teaches the Candidates how to build Teamwork, Combat, Communication, and Quick Response Skills they will also be taught basic and advanced military tactics. After they pass the 2nd Phase they move on to the 3rd Phase also known as MOSTP or Mode of Service Training Phase in these two days the Candidates now Trainees will be taught how to use there MOS to the best of there ability to strengthen the team.


 If you are interested in joining we are always looking for new members, please add me on discord Larry The Lobster#3850, message me here on the forums, join our discord  https://discord.gg/qxq5jX4 or fill out an Admin Sheet here https://forms.gle/MFFF9Q47Vuhca9Nf7, thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

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Posted (edited)

Bump We are Looking for SNCO's if you are interested fill out the Forms sheet and select 18Z as your preferred MOS. Thank you.

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Bump! We are still looking for SNCO's and every other MOS, If you are interested please fill out a form then go to out discord for further questions, Thank you.

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