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Squad Death Freeze (Pls Respond)

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So since I got the game I had problems with freezing. Randomly in game, my screen freezes and all I hear is a repeating sound. It’s usually in vehicles, but still nothing big is happening, never had reoccurring problems in combat or with big explosions. I do not have any logs that I can trace due to me having to restart my computer.


Here are my specs:


i5-8600k OC 4.6

GTX 1080 OC 50 core 100 memory

16 GB Ram 3200 MHz 

2 SSDs 500 Gb with at least 80 Gb free

650 w Gold+ Corsair PSU

i use a 1080p Monitor with 144 hz refresh rate 


settings are are on ultra and I don’t use sharpening 

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No one is helping

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