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Does The Game Needs Organized Squad Branches/Hierarchy?

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16 hours ago, Zylfrax791 said:

With over a million copies sold yet daily peaks hovering around 3000 player retention would seem to be the problem not marketing.

Over a million copies, but where are those players?

You develop Products for a determined Group of Consumers, a Company has to know the Persons who buys there stuff. For OWI this seems to be Players who are more interested in a FPS Games with deeper mechanics and involving Teamplay. 
Most likely those 3000 Players fall in this Category, the 997.000 remaining obviously not, otherwise they would be playing.  

In my understanding it would make no sens, to alter the Product more towards an arcade Playstyle and losing my previous Playerbase. 
Also if done so, Squad would lose it differentiation Aspect and would then have to compete with other Games who already target the arcade Crowd, like Battlefield.

Do we have someone on the forums into economics? Could be interesting, was the optimal responds to this is.

And thinking of this, lets take a look at Post Scriptum. Are they not an bad example of what happens when you try to alter an Game/ Product?
All Squad Founders got a Key, but none is playing. Daily Peek is 560.

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