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RE: [A13] The new unarmed uniform, capping, surrendering, respawning, and new game mode.

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Could Offworld confirm, or make sure, that players that are wearing the unarmed/surrender kit/uniform not affect/contribute flags/capture-points.


This to ensure that captives can be held anywhere on the map without any negatives for the captors, and etc...


Will there be a way of dropping/lose weapons in the field so you can surrender without needing to change at an ammo box?



Even though I never really played on Altis life servers... there's a market...:


Could consider a timer on being able to use the 'respawn' command, and for the give-up command... or atleast allow servers to edit respawn/give-up/suicide rules... or introduce a new game mode^^


Not single life... possibly cost more tickets lost for suicide/giving-up, as a server option... ... ... etc etc


P.s. I do read the updates, but don't recall seeing the above covered anywhere... woopsie if a I missed...

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