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Crash on launch, V13 update (SOLVED)

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This is likely a software issue, as I was running the V13 play-test with no issues until the actual patch launch on the regular game.


Game simply crashes on launch once the launcher is complete and moves to the SquadGame.exe. I can send a report, have already, and attempting to restart the application from that screen merely repeats the crash. I have attempted the following fixes.


1. Launch with both launcher and SquadGame.exe in admin mode.

2. Verify local file cache through stream (reports complete), and checked the DX install.  

3. Whitewash full uninstall/ reinstall. 

4. Attempted to locate user Cache. It appears to be missing? In fact, my AppData is empty excepted for the windows folder. 



OS: Microsoft Win 10 Pro

Processor: Intel i7-6800K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 6 Core


Drives (2): SSD 512GB (Squad installed on this one, ran play test as well), 2 TB Hard Drive.

Graphics Card: EV3A Geforce GTX 1080. (Drivers fully updated) 

Monitor: Dell, U2913WM, 2560x1080x60 Hz

This is a homemade rig, with no operating warranties. 

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