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A. Valentine

[GLOBAL] 25th Infantry Division Realistic Unit

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Discord: https://discord.gg/pEwcEbb

25th Infantry Division
25th Infantry Division acts as one of the United States military's primary ground-based combat units. 25th Infantry Divison consists of 3 Infantry Battalions and 1 Striker Battalion. Composed of a membership that is elite in skill, is constantly striving for perfection and our goal is to represent the US Army to the best of our abilities in and out of the game. We are a unit of close-knit individuals that like to have fun and play Squad in a realistic fashion. Because of this mindset, we are looking for people that share a similar mindset and are committed to bettering themselves within the unit and the MILSIM community. We also expect a never quit attitude, maturity, professionalism and have the will to take initiative in dynamic situations. The skills you will be taught in the 25th Infantry Divsion may also be utilized in the real world, as what is taught in this unit comes from real life experience and pre-taught knowledge, the current serving personnel within the 25th ID Realism unit range from soon to be military to active or prior military personnel, meaning what we teach you comes from real experience. Candidates will go through a series of courses to make sure that they are ready to take on the challenges that the unit will come across in-game. These courses will range from battle drills, learning and familiarization with various U.S. weapon systems, tactical combat casualty care and navigation just to name a few. 

Commitment Time
25th Infantry Division will have scheduled events, trainings, and campaigns. These times will be decided well in advance so that you can better prepare for them. We are will prioritize main events on weekends for maximum participation, however, trainings / small get togethers may occur throughout the week.

The Squads are 25th Infantry Division’s smallest combat unit. Members are trained in close quarters combat, long range engagements, recon and combined arms. Each Squad contains a Squad Leader and 2 Fire Teams making a Squad a 9-man unit.

Units and Positions
1st Squad: OPEN
2nd Squad: OPEN
Armor Crews: LIMITED
Transport Crews: LIMITED
Support Personnel: LIMITED

(Once the Platoon is full, members will be placed into an overflow element acting as reserves)

- Must show obedience to orders, and show maturity during game.
- Be able to speak and read English.
- Must have a working headset and microphone with access to Discord.
- Must be able to attend required official events, meeting and trainings.
- Read Policies and Procedures 

UR 1-1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ctAcZEp-gxQ042Gxn4rIgq8UMc_tWY1a/view?usp=sharing 

UR 2-1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y7BcInpjfyjqVLnTa_TnDZyqbuUFYIKa/view?usp=sharing

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