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v13 medic bug + leaning probs

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Medic bug:


Played on test server, and we had a point where two guys got shot out of a vic. I was medic, and i tried revive but the patch stopped like it was cut of. We had it a few times in the former versions, perhaps you know what i am talking about.


We tried to let a non medic revive, and it worked. Might be something related to the Med Kit... I might add, that wee could only see their guns on the road, usually you can revive by finding their guns, but not the medic this time..






Another thing i found, was at some point i couldnt lean at all. I know in former versions, it tended to to it if you where close to an object, usually bushes. But this was not related to anything, that i could find.

The problem got fixed, by getting in to a vic and out again..


Hope you can use the feedback......




My opinion for now:


Running.. I cant stop smile when i run.. Its like playing a movie in fast forward. This should def be cut down a bit. Its like seeing small minions running arround, and make the game look like a cheap something game, that Squad def should not wind op to be.

Waaaaaaaaaaay to fast, allmost like Insurgency or rising storm, or even speed hack in Roblox..

Please fix this:-)




And last but not least:


What ever you do, stay away from the yellow ones. DO NOT eat those suckers, they are a hazard to your health..


(insight joke disregard that last part muhahaha)




From your one and only special maniac  


       Zaa  Nuzzi  The 1st                           



We need more funny small hidden things in the game, like the guy inside the toilets, who has a serious party, with exploding diaria.




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