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Globul Potato

Simple idea to improve map ping

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In here https://joinsquad.com/alpha-13-test-gameplay-changes/

There's this part-


Map “Pings” Removal

  • Removed the ‘Map Pinging’ feature that squad mates could use to send their SL a ping by right clicking on the map
  • This feature was not the intended route we wanted for player communication, we did feel this was not the right approach for squad comms.
  • We may re-evaluate this approach, and try something different such as a limited use of enemy map markers for FTL’s for example

Any of you played Arma 3 with ACE mod? If not, then they already solved your problem. Make the ping area based. Like you're pointing out something to someone on a physical map. Make it so only poeople in 2 (or 3, or whatever) meter radius from you can see what you're pointing at on the map. And now there's no guys pinging stuff from 2 clicks, but you also don't need to give someone full grids when standing right next to them. Problem? Solution.


Also, if You're interested, They also have a simmiliar system with in game pointing. According to ACE Team-


Allows players to point in a direction with their fingers, when they do so people around (4m by default) can see a big circle in the pointed direction

Its better to simply show it. (WARNING, LOUD in 0:37. I couldn't find a better video)


If you dont want giant floating circles in your UI, there's an even simpler idea. Make an animation that points a finger in the dirrection of your invisible crosshair and make it a hold action (so you dont have to constantly repeat it) And thats it. Of course, you can do the same by just saying "its where i'm aiming at" "or direction 230", sure. But its a neat little immersion thing for guiding fire and creating memes.

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