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Aiming with RPG PGO / SPG

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Hello, this is simple question,  I went t the shooting range for US / RU.


I aimed to the APCs at range 100 and 200 with the HAT kit. The ones for infrantry were accurate, but the Tandem HEAT was not, even if I pointed the 1 to the top of the APC, it seemed to fall like 20 meters before it. (Yes, the 1 from the bottom line that has only 1, 1,5 and 2)


Then I tested the SPG, and it wasnt accurate at all. For the 300 mts target, I had to point to 400 (and to the top of the APC) for it to hit.

If I use the marker in the scope aiming to the middle of the target, it will not hit anything.


So I want some advice on how it works, because in PR it is pretty accurate for HEAT except for infantry ammunition that is weighter and falls sooner.


Same thing for RPG iron sights, in PR when you adjust the range, it moves the sight, but in Squad the sights keeps pointing to the same place, only the bigger arch is moved up, but I can't find how to make it work.

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Went through most of it.  Your right the tandam, does drop some :)

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