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Today, Firestorm admins were on the American team on Narva map, playing standard AS. Over the course of the game, the Americans used their own logi and transport trucks to block by destroying own vehicle every single bridge(4) out the Russian side of the map, effectively blocking all reinforcements from arriving because that river is too deep to cross without bridges.


This seems an exploit of a game design flaw. When confronted with the cheating behavior of the American side, the FS admins first of all laughed about the game design exploit then denied knowing anything like that occurred. Yet, this action took at least 7-8 American trucks to achieve over time. And there is server logs... 


This seems a shameful encouragement by Firestorm admins of encouraging abusing game design flaws, as long as the exploit benefits their team.  Note, this type of "blocking" the enemy in is NOT possible on Narva against the Americans, so this is clearly extremely unfair.


For FS admins to laugh about these exploits, look the other way and attempt to do nothing is shameful.


 The lead Squad designer has stated in recent interview that removing vehicle wrecks will be addressed in a13, so clearly the Squad developers see that using wrecks to block access as a design flaw.


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Blocking bridges with vehicle husks has been around since the very first day of vehicles so it certainly isn't a "design flaw" or "exploit" and instead would be classified as a strategy or tactic.


The implementation of demolition of the husks will simply be a new counter to that strategy is all instead of having to post security on your MSR.


BTW, it only takes 5 transports and 4 deaths to completely blockcade Narva at a 29 ticket cost.

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Hey Fragtzack, i am sorry you feel wronged by the circumstances of the match you described. Honestly, i am getting tired of posts like these. Mainly, because this is the worst place for me to keep track of issues. I would implore you (and anyone else that has an issue with the server to use our Discord, which can be found at http://discord.firestorm.pro instead of creating a name & shame post on here.

A couple key points about your post:
1. We do not condone blocking bridges with vics. We know it can be a frustrating game breaking event. We have banned people for wasting assets who are attempting to do this and will continue to until a solution is implemented by the Devs.
2. Not all players with FS tags are admins. If anyone was making a stink in response to your complaint, it was probably not an admin or mod. We just banned a player for doing this, this week. It is wasting assets. Send evidence of such to our Discord #admin_support channel.

3. We(I) do not exempt FS players from the rules. They apply to everyone. If you have caught them doing such things, please send evidence to our Discord.


and as Zylfrax has stated, this is not a new design flaw or exploit, it is a strategy to an extent, but out of courtesy we ban players who do this with their teams vehicles. Thank you for your concern. Have a great day.

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Luckily in V13 the engineer class can get rid of wrecks, should be less of an issue then.

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