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NAC- North American Competitive Play

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NAC is a team formed around Squad by a group of players that Started playing squad in the very beginning. Our goal from day one was quality of player(s) attitude, prioritizing the character over ability to top frag every game. This makes working together something fun, and gives us the ability to build life long friendships. Don't confuse us with a pub group, we play hard, train to win, play competitive Squad and improve our skills in a mature environment. All of our admins and founders have over 1,000 hours put into Comp Squad with a multitude of teams combining the best of all play styles into one. We love helping others in learning leadership skills, and we strive to be the developers of new meta and continue to learn from our opponents . Win or lose, we always learn something and continue to grow. 


The majority of our members are centered in the US and Canada. But we are open and always looking for others in EU and AUS time zones.


We currently have 1 dedicated server under public browser, 1 dedicated practice server, and two SWC tournament servers. Feel free to hop in our public server NAC - North American Comp. We pop daily around 8pm ET/EST. Feel free to talk to NAC | Smugsie our recruiting admin, any NAC Tagged member, or Myself the founder.



If you would like to check us out please shoot a DM to myself or any member, or simply join the discord below.


Feel free to send a comment our way or say hi when you play with or against us on the battlefield.


If you have made it this far I have one more thing to leave you with. We value attitude above all else. With the right attitude myself and my admin team can teach you all the skills needed to be a comp player. 


We just finished up our first season together as a team. We formed the team 2 weeks before season start and finished 2-2. If you want to join a winning team next season this is the place for you. Hope to catch you on the battlefield.



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