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New player

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Hello everyone. Brand new to Squad. Looking forward to getting out there.

Anyone got leads on help for new players, I'm all ears. 

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to the game! Got a few hints for ya.

Make sure to have a microphone, and tell people you're new, they'll keep it in mind and tend to accept more unavoidable mess-ups. :P


I wouldn't instantly try out every class, since it'll be a bit much to learn right away, i first stuck to rifleman and medic (medic gains instant respect from the SL since people dont often want to be one, its a fun class tho).

Just ask if you don't understand something, people will teach you.


Also, the experience of this game wildly varies every round, and is different on every server. Remember the servers on which you enjoyed playing the game most. People often tend to stick to a few select servers, so the people you enjoyed playing with will often show up again.


If a squadleader seems to not be able to handle a few setbacks, or is a straight up ***, look for a different squad, people are people, not everyone will be as friendly as the next one just like irl. :)


And finally, joining a community of a server you like will often increase the amount of fun to be had in the game.


EDIT: If you feel like practicing on the firing range on a server with someone, i could set the map and help you out if the server i'm admining is empty.

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