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I don´t know about you, but I feel that somethings are being exploited in a very gamey way. It´s not very often, but still it happens to me or a squad member now and then.


I´m talking about typing respawn or killing yourself with a nade or killing a teammate so you can respawn at a spot where you are more necessary. Recently I was part of a team that was doing quite well, and the match was even. We had a fob ready to attack the following flag, and once we cleared all the enemies and had almost captured the flag, the SL ordered us all to type respawn so we could attack the following flag, which was FAR away to move on foot. 


I understand there is a Price to pay, not only in tickets but in respawn timer being increased. Still, it made sense from a competitive point of view. It indeed worked like a charm, in a minute and a half we were spawning on the attacking fob just 30 seconds after it had become cappable. And it wasn´t just us, there was another squad with us. We caught the enemy off guard


I must admit I felt "dirty". And I lost immersion in the game.


I mostly play at the weekends and it´s been happening often to me. So after it happened again last night, I decided to post this.


I understand there needs to be a respawn function for glitches and getting stuck and stuff. NO problem with that. But when that function is used more often as an exploitable tactic than as a way of fixing a game problem, then it feels odd.


So if you feel the way I do, I suggest a couple of possibilities:


1- Respawn function allows you to respawn ONLY AT MAIN BASE.

2- Killing yourself with a NADE should allow you to respawn ONLY AT MAIN.

3- Killing a friendly increases your respawn timer to a DRASTIC TIME....say TIMES 3 or 4 (after the friendly gives up)*


*I understand this doesn´t prevent people from spawning at a more useful place, but it´s a way to punish a squad that does that. 

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Changing spawn timers to something more severe, and also limiting spawn to main,  based off of teamkills & respawn function, would affect the game more negatively than positively. Sure it would directly stop the single incident where people use the respawn command to their advantage, but would directly affect majority of cases/incidents, which are completely accidental and in a lot of cases, out of their control.

As an admin, I get a nice overview of what occurs in matches. Below I'll list extremely common things that occur, and when I say extremely common, I mean every match, most, if not all of these things occur multiple times.

- People going prone next to a tree or rock, they get stuck to said object because something derped with collision.
- People getting revived, and getting stuck in walls, roofs and in some cases, under the map or in the terrain/road.
- People getting shot by enemy with a grenade in their hand, kills friendlies around them.
- People mis calculating grenade throws, and either killing themselves, or again, friendlies around them.
- Throwing a grenade, and friendlies gung ho charge into that area and die to the friendly grenade.
- Mortar and RPG Frag fire, same thing as above where friendlies run into said area where that explosive is directed, and dying to friendly explosive.
- Friendlies not checking map while driving, and run over friendly mines.
- Friendlies walking in front of IFV or Tank while shooting, die to muzzle blast.
- Friendlies walking behind LAT as they fire, or LAT running in front of people and firing - Friendly behind dies.

Ultimately, you would be punishing fair and legitimate players, more so than the few who take advantage of the issue you bring up. A decent portion of players every round, would spend more time looking at a spawn screen/timer or running from main, than actually being useful, because they're punished for an accident or game issue.

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Tough one to resolve.

Penalties for TK's etc arent the right way as explained by Dubs.


respawn only allowing a main spawn is a reasonable idea. Could alter it to be "only main or nearest HAB".


Some ideas:

  • Limiting number of FOB radios per map or in use at the same time can slow down advances and might mean more people get transported forward than spawn forward.
  • Could require that a squads leader must use a hab before the members can... or be in the area of the hab. Minor effect but could be significant. Add below.
  • Give SL higher penalty for using respawn command.
  • Could penalise the SL for 3 or more squad members using respawn within a short time.

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Life is cheap in Squad. Its another one of those Arcade elements that conflicts with the realism paradigm that makes the game innovative and unique.


I see this cheese almost every match as I pretty much always play SL and people are always barking at me to do it and I politely decline as I feel even one death is kind of a defeat of sorts. Especially amongst "organized" groups this exploit is popular.


So yeah, all the more reason to make the FOB only pertain to supplies and emplacements not the Star Trek pillow fort teleportation device the HAB currently is.


I feel like the infinite rally is cheesy enough at this point really. I'm completely aware that the HAB is here to stay but it doesn't mean that additional transportation options at Main wouldn't be a better more realistic solution at some point.


I've often wondered why the vehicle selection is so pitiful considering the size of team and some of the maps. I'm guessing its a replication/performance issue however it doesn't negate the fact that savvy players are able to exploit the system by laying down a network of HAB's in order to roll the map with the respawn cheese.



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Increase the timer in relation to the distance to the chosen spawn point. The further away you choose to spawn from your last 'respawn' command, the longer you wait. Note this is only going to affect anyone who uses the respawn command. Dying a natural death, well in squad at least, wont net you this penalty.


An example; a squad types respawn and wait out the timer. Another squad decides to walk/call uber to the next flag. The squad that calls for transport will get there before the one that decides to teleport.


This way, itd make more sense to travel rather than use the star trek teleporter. (Main base excluded, tho this can still be used to deploy a logi or other vehicles, i am guilty of this myself)


If the sl decides to frag his squad to teleport to the next point wouldn't that set off some alarms for the admin?

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