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Reactive Armor on Tanks?

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So obviously if you've played or at least seen the tanks in squad, the T72B3 for RU side, has reactive armor mainly on it's turret that makes it stupid strong, nearly as strong as the Abrams turret. Since the T72B3 is just an upgraded T72, it shouldn't have as good armor values as it does for the turret, as reactive armor is a one time use. (Yes, there are layers, but the gun from a abrams would either spark up all of them or penetrate them regardless) I would love to see the introduction of animated and non aesthetic  reactive armor for tanks that will receive it in the future, along with the T72. With the downsides also come to the benefits as it would allow some tanks to avoid contact with LAT's and HAT's to the turret preventing them from penetrating since they would be blown up before hitting. It would definitely add some much needed realism to the T72's as it makes no sense to how strong the turret is currently. I hope to see the Abrams and Challenger 2 getting a TUSK upgrade depending on the game, which has reactive armor on its sides.  



I don't think it would hurt gameplay balance too much, obviously some tanks significantly better in certain situations than others and gameplay should reflect that somewhat. I hope  

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