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So I got the shitty idea of limiting the amount of supplies in the mainbase, not to limit the amount of fobs people can stamp out of the ground. More that it will periodically have to be refilled by an AI truck driver or truck convoy from off the map. This could be seen as a way of limiting super fobs at the start popping up everywhere or just limiting the amount of fobs that can be made at the start. Though of maps with helicopters an AI chopper that periodically flies to and from the main to offmap would be something to make the main base more lively after round start. Aside from the rando new guy joining the server or asset whores waiting for their assets.


Then again this is just another thing to sink performance power in for servers and slowing down the game. It would also need some AI scripting and would most likely just annoy the shit out of logistics squads about who took the last supplies as there won't be any more goddamn supplies till 10 minutes later when the truck/convoy arrives. You doomed our team you damned blueberry!

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