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Weekend Event Roundup, March 8-10

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Hey soldiers!


Looking for a little bit of Squad action this weekend? You’re in luck: there’s plenty going on! Squad World Championship is back in full swing with a full complement of matches, which are sure to make for some exciting streams! Speaking of, be sure to join us on Twitch for tomorrow’s SquadChat with Fuzzhead at 10 AM Pacific Time (1800 UTC).


Not only that, we’ve seen a few more mod servers pop up this week, just in case you’re looking to slay some bugs or zombies. Here’s the scoop:


10:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)

SquadChat with Fuzzhead (Game Designer)

12:00 PM PT (2000 UTC)

SWC: 1ST and I|I versus Bella’s Babes


10:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)

SWC: Productive Game versus FAOB

11:30 AM PT (1930 UTC)

Squad Ops: Operation Vulture (Basic Required)

1:00 PM PT (2100 UTC)

SWC: Speaking in Tongues versus Project Phoenix and Indies


1:00 AM PT (UTC 0900)

SWC: Unity and OC versus GRSW

11:00 AM PT (UTC 1930)

Squad Ops: SOTT Basic

6:00 PM PT (UTC 0200)

SWC: Firestorm versus North American Comp 

6:30 PM PT (UTC 0230)

SWC: Source of Quality Directives versus salt.


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