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Offical Squad Conquest Game

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With the partnership of [G] and 8mm comes the "Official Squad Conquest Game"


Conquest game is based on turn-based strategy games and is implemented to Squad. The game is about multiple teams fighting each other, trying to conquer the lands  of other teams by using diplomacy and mind tricks.


The game is played over “islands” and the “capitals” in the islands. Teams are divided equally in the islands and their objective is to survive in their own island and capture the capital of the other island after either uniting or conquering their own island.


Islands have 9 cap points. The cap points are divided over the number of teams and are given to the teams. A team is responsible of its own cap points and has to protect them as well as trying to take over other teams’ cap points.


For a game to be over the capital of the opponent island needs to be captured. When a team in the island loses all its cap points, an attack to take over the capital becomes possible. If the island loses its capital that island is to forfeit from the game. Thus it is no longer important how many remaining cap points the teams have left in the island.


Find more about the game here: https://discord.gg/NMBvnDD




Special thanks to bLindye from [OB] for making this 7 months old project come true

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We are accepting sign ups for first Conquest game. Atm there are 3 spots left for the first games to start. One conquest game may take more than a month so you gotta hurry if you want to participate! Find the details here: https://discord.gg/NMBvnDD

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