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Squad Founders Elite - Vicious Victories

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This group was specifically created to unite all the top players in squad that have a founders’ package. The purpose of the group is to create a competitive with the distinct advantage of experience and game evolution.



1.  dominate the competitive arena. 





1.      Precise target acquisition.

2.      High speed low drag.

3.      Radio Lingo.

4.      Unit cohesion.

5.      Willingness to learn.

6.      Founders Skins.

7.      21 and over.

8.      English is required.

9.      Voice Comms.


Intelligence provided:

Thermal mapping analysis of high traffic zones in maps as well as “hot zones”.

Metagame analysis and knowledge transfer.

Learn the secrets of squad.

Mechanics breakdown and maximization.


“victory is commemorated failure merely remembered”


Join at : https://discord.gg/RbaXCJS



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